29 Aug 2012

Hey I heard you like the wild ones ..

Last time I felt like a tourist in my hometown,but this time I feel like traveling back to Old West Texas :)                                                    

Hope you'll enjoy, big kiss for my followers :*
PS.And thanks to my friend Petra,for this beautiful photos :)

21 Jul 2012

things i liked today

my lovely nails,i found inspiration for this colours in ice cream,flowers,marshmallows-new cupcakes & speciall ceramic cups with changable handles. Kiss,Divna :*

20 Jul 2012

summer life

Enjoying on a beach with my friend. Sun,beach,sea & good company is all you need! Kissindzer,Divna :*

19 Jul 2012


Ovo su neke od sitnica koje grad cine sladjim i zanimljivijim uoci djecijeg festivala :-) Uskoro postavljam sliku sa plaze,kako bi moji pozdravi sa mora bili upotpunjeni :-) Kissindzer :*,Divna!

25 Jun 2012

Najava :)

Neki my accessorise:

" And when you talk, everybody stops
Cause they know you know just what to say
And the way that you protect your friends
Baby, I respect you for that
And when you grow, you take everyone you love along
I love that shi*,
don't fly me away
Don't need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart
You shelter my soul
You're my fire when I'm cold.. :) "